Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Terrific Tuesday

We have had very warm weather for this time of the year. It will not last for much longer but I am sure many wish they had their pools open and ready for swimming. And the Global Warming people can use this to their advantage.

I really believe in trying to buy local and also made in American. I went to our local garden center to buy some annuals. They do not carry the 6 packs. They were charging $2.00 for one pot. I buy too many for that type of price. I decided to talk to the lady about it. How will she know why people are not going there if they do not speak up.

She was nice about it and said she will consider it. It is really a lovely shop and I would feel badly to see it close up.
This picture was a garden raised from seed. It is sloooooooooooooow and takes a long time to get flowers. I am going to buy plants this year once DH gets more dirt in the bed.

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Anonymous said...

The flowers that my wife planted are doing very well. They are the kind that come up each year. Maybe you could get those kind?