Sunday, April 12, 2009

First Impressions

I had been getting a couple of messages through Facebook from someone named Carl. I had no idea who this was and just ignored them. Then I received an email from this same person.

I am very skeptical of unknown people in cyberspace. I met a lady several years ago. She seemed to be a great person. I even stayed in her house and turned out to be very unbalanced. Sad but it happens. As Brad Paisley sings "I'm much cooler online".

So I fired off a note and received one in return explaining who he is. This is a gentleman who is trying to find a place to donate red white and blue fabric from his deceased wife's fabric. She sewed for Quilts of Valor as I do. He was trying to find somebody in the same state that he lives in.

I felt badly about how I had answered his email. But any man should understand why I reacted the way I did. We have had a nice email correspondence and fabric will be winging it way to my house for some future quilts. I don't think his wife's passion was as much as mine is---but then she never had a chance to read the letter I received from a soldier.

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Anonymous said...

Good things come to people who do good things. ;)