Friday, July 29, 2011

Book Made Into Quilt

This panel had me stumped for a bit. It was meant to be made into a book for a child. There were a couple of sections that just would not work for a quilt. I wanted it fast so did not want to sash all the sections. This meant just turn it into a middle and add borders.

This panel was given to me by a generous guild member. The rest of it came from stash. It is very slowly being used up. I do not ever want to have no stash but like having room to add fresh and new fabric.

I buy most of my fabric online as deeply discounted prices. I like quilt shop fabric even for charity quilts but simply cannot afford retail prices.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

2 Cute Kids Quilts

I have 2 packs of those triangle precuts. I cannot remember what they are called. BUT I took one and just sewed them together into a square. I then took some stash fabric and cut the same size square.

Easy quilts but I managed to get one of the rows turned around. This is destined for the hospital and I doubt anyone will examine it that closely.

The other quilt is from a bunch of panels that were donated to me by a guild member. I just use stash in bright colors and lots of contrast to get it into a quilt. EASY button for sure and fun to make.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Using up Patriotic Fabric

I have a big shelf of red white and blue fabric. I have decided that is the next area I want to do some destashing. I do not want to use it UP but get it into quilts so I can buy more.

These are a couple of more quilts for the children at Fort Brag. I have a box open and when it is filled, I can mail it off. I had some time off from work so got a couple done quite quickly.

I LOVE that flag fabric and it was a generous donation from a friend. I still have several yards left of it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Fort Bragg Bound

I am sending some children's quilts for distribution to the children of military families at Fort Bragg. It occured to me that they might very well like patriotic fabric. I sure have LOTS of that so put this cute will quilt together.

I can do this pattern in 5 hours from cutting it out to taking the picture. I would never be able to say that if I did not have my HQ16 for the quilting part. The pattern allows you to showcase a good sized square of fabric as it is cut 8 inches. They it is just easy nine patches and a couple of borders.

I can pack about 7 quilts in a box and shipping is about $12.00. Not bad at all.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bliss Really IS Bliss

I bought a jellyroll of the fabric line called Bliss from Moda online. My local quilt shop had yardage of this fabric. I bought a few pieces of that and had no idea what I would do with it.

I decided to use an easy strip pattern and my Strip Ruler to cut triangles of the sewn fabric. This is a really fun pattern and quite easy. I wanted the fabric off my shelf.

I had enough fabric to use it for the back also. I never buy backing to match the front because it is expensive. But I did this time at a 40 per cent off sale at my quilt shop a few months ago.

This quilt will go on the back of the love seat in our house. I just love the result.
I used the Hobbs Polydown for the batting and really like the dimension it gives to the quilting. I bought a BIG roll and really like this batting---thank goodness. It makes really lovely baby quilts.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Farm Animals

I am continuing to sew up this lovely donated fabric from Joan. This is cute little farm animals. I pulled the rest from stash. I wanted enough for the backing so needed to find something else for the borders. They were already cut from something else---who knows what???

I am also on a decluttering mission. I usually get rid of something I have not touched in 2 years. BUT I still had things sitting around from my teacher plastic baskets, etc. They went off to the thrift shop yesterday. And a HUGE big black plastic bag sits waiting for the dump.

We have a LARGE basement in this rental house and other than Christmas decorations and yard type stuff, I hope to have nothing down there of mine. I am getting close.