Sunday, November 29, 2009

Quilt for Piecing Hope

I found about a wonderful church making quilts for children in Africa who have lost their families. It is very compelling and I signed up to make one. Tabitha is her name. Joel is still waiting for someone to make a quilt for him. Would that be YOU???????

I found a wonderful panel full of pictures of native people and other fun stuff from Africa. I just framed them with bright fabric and put black in between the rows. I did this without a pattern which is VERY unusual for me. It was a perfect way to use my bright fabric.

The center is done and just needs borders. I put it away for a bit and will finish is in a week or so. I was tired of it and know enough to stop when I feel that way. I will get excited to finish it in a couple of weeks.

The girl's favorite color is gold and I found some perfect fabric for the backing with gold and brown.

I am grateful I taught myself how to quilt to help with all these wonderful causes.

I can watch TV and hear over and over how Tiger Woods is in a mess, people are fighting all the time over politics and who is RIGHT--or I can go make a quilt. Easy choice for me. How about your time?

Monday, November 23, 2009

Strip Tube Fun

When I went to my North Carolina retreat, one of the gals was working on a quilt using the book and ruler called Strip Tubing..I think. She had an extra copy of the book for me and I found the ruler in a quilt shop on the way home.

This was really fun and I used up some Fat Quarters from a fabric line. This quilt is destined for the local nursing home. I see more of these in my future.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Quilts For Kids and Downey

I sent away for a quilt kit from Downey Fabric Softner and the organization Quilts For Kids. It is very cute and easy. The fabric was a nice quality and most of the cutting was already done. Here is how cute this turned out.

It was very quick to quilt as it is small compared to what I usually make.