Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Gentle Grace

I am reading this book by Kathie Lee Gifford. I like her and have felt sorry for many of the things she has gone through in life. I see her love of her children, her husband and devotion to God as really quite wonderful.

She writes about looking at life when you realize you are in the latter portion of it. We are all so busy raising children, pursuing careers and paying bills. Then suddenly most of that comes to a halt.

Then we have more time on our hands and how will we spend it??????? I try very hard to make sure I spend it wisely. I have a little part time job taking care of a baby for a young family. I feel I give them a precious gift every day when they can go to work and know that he is safe and loved. I loved my children when they were young and figured out a way to have that again and get paid for it.

I make quilts for the wounded military and Hospice patients. I love quilt making and have found the perfect outlet for that.

It is about finding your passion that may have been buried long ago with so many commitments. Try to remember what you used to love doing and just did not have the time for. Pull it out, dust it off and just do it NOW. What used to make your heart sing?

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