Friday, April 17, 2009

Good Grief

I am emailing the gentleman who is donating his wife's fabric to me. She passed away about a year ago and he has slowly been donating her possessions to various places. They had no children so friends are helping with this process.

I think it is sort of like peeling an onion.....a layer at a time. It is all about finding the right places for each thing. Honor the things that were important to the person.

It has been interesting learning about how ladies come out of the woodwork very quickly when a gentleman loses his wife. I would like to think it is about helping someone but the heart is a lonely hunter. It seems that there are more women looking for someone than men that are available.

Can you ever replace someone you loved for many years? Can you find that kind of love again? No marriage is perfect and it takes hard work to keep it vital and alive. You must learn to surrender many of the things in your life when you blend two lives together.

I think women do better alone because for the most part--they have been taking care of others their whole life. Now they have only themselves to think about. I am not sure how I would feel about that and hope I do not have to learn for a good many years.

But I am a safe place for an email friend because I am married. I can listen and respond with no agenda. I am not trying to "snatch" up an eligible man to coin a phrase he told me---too funny.

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