Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Live Simply

I think a simple life is a more peaceful life. The difficult part is figuring out how to do that in our modern world. Each person must search out their heart and decide what is important to them. I love many modern conveniences and would not want to give them up.

You must be comfortable in who you are to start. If you do not like yourself, just change. Get up and say this is who I will be today. I will not worry about what my neighbors have or those famous people on TV.

I will make sure that for today I will encourage those who I come into contact with. I may not agree with a single thing they say or do but I will say one thing to lift them up.

I will do one thing to nurture a relationship that is important to me. And that will NOT be forwarding some email thing on the computer. It must come from my thoughts not another.

Just for this one day, I will not criticize someone who is trying their best to get through this life.

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