Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings

It is back to work for many today. There are lots of people who wish they had a job to go back to. Some people are just getting off from the night shift. They work all night so that we can sleep in peace. They tend the sick and old in hospitals everywhere. They go about their lives quietly. They are not screaming on TV asking for stuff or complaining about what they do not have.

The farmer who plows the fiields around our little house got his first pass of his tractor. What a gift it is to be living in a place where I can watch this part of Spring take place. The bikes wiz past our house and motorcycles were out in great numbers this past week end.

The nice weather is here for a couple of days. Summer temperatures are on tap for today and the sun is shining brightly. Please let us take just a moment to remember we live in the very best country in the whole world.

I think it is time to start another Quilt Of Valor as I have contributed a good many for the Hospice. I have a simple new pattern I would like to try called Disappearing Four Patch.
This picture is Jamestown Rhode Island where a dear friend puts her little summer trailer for the season.

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Anonymous said...

What a nice place to call home. I would enjoy that view from my window. Another warm one in our neck of the woods today.