Sunday, April 5, 2009

Spring Is Here

The morning is just perfect. The sun is shining and not one single cloud in the sky. I brought up my chairs from the basement to sit on the front porch. It is a world far removed from any electronic device. I NEVER bring my cell phone out there.

I like to sit out there and count my many blessings first thing in the morning. Even if it is chilly. I can always wrap up in a quilt.

I decided to keep track of how many hours I spent on the computer one day and was horrified to find it was close to 4. I like having my coffee here in the AM and check out all my quilty places. I am on several emails lists also. BUT 4 hours is just too much.

God has given us a certain number of hours on earth and I feel I must be a good steward of those hours. So, I am going to spend the coffee time here and stay away the rest of the time except to check email a second time in one day. I need to get off some of these lists to accomplish this.

There are too many wounded soldiers and now I have the hospice opening in our county to cover.

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