Monday, September 12, 2011

Arrow Quilt From Fabric Exchange

A couple of years ago my online group exchanged 10 inch squares of light and dark fabric. I put it in a pretty box and totally forgot about it. I was cleaning out a cabinet and there it was. There are also a bunch of charms that will be used in the future.

I found a free pattern on the internet and tried it out. I cannot remember the link or would put in here. I do know it is by Anita Grossman and called Arrow something or other.

I ran out of the last border fabric and since it is so scrappy, just added something from my stash. I do not worry about those things too much with quilts I am keeping.

I will quilt this after our get together in North Carolina next month. It is much easier to pack a top than a finished quilt.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pedal Pusher Quilt

I purchased a book recently called Strip-Smart Quilts: 16 Designs from One Easy Technique (That Patchwork Place) by Kathy Brown.

I found a pattern in there called Pedal Pushers. It uses a jellyroll and I had a nice one sitting on my shelf. It went together quite well. If I were to make another, I would press the seams open as it gets thick in some places. There are several more patterns I would like to try.

I went to my huge stash and found a good fabric for the borders. I am not sure where this quilt will eventually go, but it is on the back of a loveseat in my living room. This seating it due to go to the dump as we replaced it with a new one. We bought it used and got more than our monies worth out of it.