Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finding Peace

We all have to take a journey in our life and if we live long enough we will have problems and sorrows as well as joy. We cannot stop any of this and probably should not even try. This is what makes us who we are.

But we can carve out a place to go when the world gets to be too much. I have found a wonderful free music service called Pandora. You can find just the music you love. I love Michael W. Smith and just put in his name. It brings up similar music just like his.

So when the news media pounds on the TV I can just be transported to a world way away from all that chaos. Just put on my headphones and and there I am.

I am working on my third quilt for the new Hospice opening in our county. These are made with blocks from many different people. They all come together in a beautiful top that will grace the bed of someone at the end of their journey through life. There is little I can do to ease the burdens and worries of the family, but they can see the love that went into this quilt for their loved one.

I tell my quilting friends that when I give away 100 quilts--I will get my wings and fly home to Heaven. None of us knows when that day will come but perhaps I will get to give away 200.

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No flying away until after I