Friday, April 24, 2009

Growing Older

I have mixed feelings about getting older. I lost a very dear friend about 8 years ago. She left a husband who adored her and 3 boys. I am sure she would give just about anything she had to be here and getting wrinkles and all the physical things that come with aging. Every time I think about the negative aspects, I think about Janice. She may even have grandkids now and never had the joy of meeting them. That will have to wait for eternity.

As we age we get much smarter. We learn to let most things go and sweat just the bigger things. We learn we really have little control over what happens and better find a way to navigate all the bad things that come our way. Every single thing can be a lesson if we just let it be.

Once a person is gone from our life we realize how important they really were. We regret the days, weeks and months where we could have spent more time with them. Why oh why does that not happen more when they are still here????? Why do we take these wonderful people and blessings for granted???

So I will be thankful each day for this aging body. The aches and pains can be eliminated with a magic pill called Advil. The extra pounds are much harder to get rid of. That will take a closed mouth and lots of walking. But getting out and walking is a gift that many just do not have.

We are given so many gifts each and ever day. I am reminded of this and try to remember to thank God many times each day.


Anonymous said...

Your blog and coffee are the perfect way to start my day. Then the office intrudes. Have a wonderful week end.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful that I have you.


Kim said...

Happy Sewing,