Friday, October 9, 2009

Tuesday Fun

Our hotel provides us transportation to the HQ site each day. The driver today took us for a little side trip up and down the mountains to see some of the homes and views. She got in a little trouble for getting us there late but we did enjoy the scenery.

The class for this AM was taught by Suzanne Hyland who is Mark's wife and a VERY talented quilter. She is also the inventer of the gloves for machine quilting called Machingers. We all brought quilt tops for her suggestions of how to quilt them. She had to think long and hard about a couple of them and others chimed in on their suggestions. Very good information. I bought 3 DVDs by her all about my machine and quilting from the front.

I had my video filmed while the class was going on. This was not hard for me after 2 years of being a historical interpreter and having to talk in front or cameras or groups of people. We also gave out tips for other quilters.

Then we had another delicious lunch and people started departing for the airport. Us East Coast gals were not leaving until the butt crack of dawn the next day so we relaxed for a bit until going back to the hotel.

The lack of sleep was catching up with me but I knew that would go on another night. When I have to get up early for a flight, I wake up constantly looking at the clock. But I will be able to sleep at home for sure.

Here is my video


Jan said...

What a beautiful State! Love all those mountains :) I know I've already said it, but I must say it again ... "the video is awesome!" Absolutely awesome :)

Kathie said...

Nice little video.