Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Off To The Quilt Shop

After we finished our free motion class, it was time to head to a local Quilt Shop.
Imagine our surpirse when we went out front and there was a HUGE LIMO. We had a ball inside calling our families and taking each others photos.

We arrived at the quilt shop and were in for another surprise and gift. Mark had a $30 gift card for all of us to spend. He also arranged for a 10 per cent discount from the store. So we headed inside for some fun shopping.

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Jan said...

The limo ride to the LQS was truly the icing on the cake! We used to be involved with a trade group and we used their limo services quite often thru the years ... ballgames, out to dinner ... anything we could think of (LOL). They are a thrill!