Saturday, October 3, 2009

Chapter 2 HQ Retreat

I forgot to add that we all received a wonderful bag from HQ with lots of goodies inside. There was a HUGE pair of batting scissors. I could not figure out how to get them past security at the airport as I only brought one suitcase for carry on to save money. Not to worry---they would mail our things home. I think airport security would blow every whistle and have a myriad of officers ready to arrest this little ole lady if they ever saw those scissors.

The hotel had a lovely breakfast including the neatest waffle maker. You just pour in a little container of the batter and soon you have a waffle. I had no idea how to work this but another quilter showed me. This group was wonderful.

We set off in transport to the HQ headquarters. It is a beautiful building in an industrial park. Mark came outside to greet us and hold open the door. When we went inside we were in for a HUGE surprise. Every single employee was lined up on the stairs and balloons were tied everywhere. They were all clapping and cheering. To add to the fun----out came cans of silly string.

I think it was about this time when I began to realize this was really a BIG DEAL for us and them. An enormous time and energy had gone into this ad campaign and we were the main stars.

Let the fun begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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