Monday, October 5, 2009

Threads and tension class

After we settled down from our wonderful tour, we were ready for our first class. This was held in a huge room full of beautiful quilts and lots of machines.....Pure Nirvana.

I must confess to a dirty little secret first. I have had my machine since March and NEVER changed the needle. I change mine all the time on my Janome but I was afraid I would never get it right in the big one right. And every quilt---all 50 or so of them----had been just fine. What a machine.

Out comes the biggest needle in the world. We proceeded to learn all about needles and I found out I would HAVE to change it on the machine. But there were several educators with us so I knew I would be in capable hands to learn this.

I found out I am doing my bobbin tension right. I think my problem might be due to a rusty tension assembly and I bought a new one there. I am not touching my machine until I get the new one installed.

We were given a baggie full of different thread and I had a ball trying them all out. But first I changed the needle with one of the educators and it was not hard at all.

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Jan said...

Such a fabulous experience Eileen! All I can continue to say is ... "Whow" and "Holy Cow!" I'm gonna have to stay away from that Fusion or I'll want one too (LOL).