Friday, October 2, 2009

Arriving at Salt Lake City-HQ Story Retreat

I have struggled how to share my wonderful story about the HQ Retreat. The only way I can figure out how to do that is a little at a time. So today will be just that.

The flights were just fine and it was so much fun traveling with the other lady who won the contest. Her name is Mary and she lives outside of Baltimore. I drove to her house, left my car and her husband kindly drove us to the airport. Quilters are not strangers when we meet each other.

Most of the other winners were sitting outside the hotel on the porch when we arrived. It was fabulous meeting and sharing a little of our lives.

HQ had a great southwest dinner catered at the hotel that evening. Mark---CEO----Brenda in charge of market (if you ever want something organized perfectly---get her) were there to talk to us a bit. We LOVED putting a face to her as she was the email contact. Mark is just such a great guy and so NORMAL for a CEO. This company is really like family as we will find out later in the trip.

We settled into our rooms after a long day of airports. Little did we know we were in for the adventure of a lifetime.

This picture is across the street from out hotel. I did not know the mountains were so close.

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Jan said...

What a gorgeous view Eileen! I am so happy you had such a wonderful time cuz you sure do deserve it :) I'll be anxiously awaiting more stories, so keep 'em coming :) Ohhhhh and you are a "natural" next to that limo!