Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Strings On A Foundation

In my journey of experimenting with scrappy string quilts---I decided to try stitching them onto thin fabric. I put gold in the middle as I think it adds a really bright color. The blocks are 12 inches.

I think I like this better than paper as it does not have to be removed. ALSO--I like the larger blocks. This quilt will be going to Afghanistan after it goes to my guild for show and tell.

*Sigh* I see I turned one block But I still love it.


Gayle Bong said...

LOVE the gold. And I had to look twice for that block turned wrong. I'd leave it too.
I didn't like ripping papers for foundations and I don't like the thin fabric cause even that adds bulk. Have you tried the white tissue for gift wrap?. It tears away very easily.

Diannia said...


I have some thin fabric I bought at WalMart for DS#1's quilt. Got it home and decided it was too thin after I washed it. It's shades of brown. Would you like it to use for the foundation? I don't think you could see it behind red or blue but probably could behind white. Anyway, let me know if you'd like it and I'll send it to you. I can't remember how much is there but I'd say at least 2 yds...maybe more...


Kathie said...

Very pretty. A lot of people piece these on a thin muslin or thin "junk" fabrics. I don't like the extra bulk but lots of people seem to not have a problem with quilting it.