Monday, March 12, 2012

Blue and Yellow Happiness for a Veteran Lady

Our guild is supplying quilts for the new ward opening at our local Veterans Home. I had a nice pile of blue and yellow flowered fabric. That is my favorite color combo. I have 3 quilts for us made with that and do NOT need another. I just used my 10 1/2 inch ruler and cut it all into squares.

This is like the very popular quilts that sell at Pottery Barn and other places like that. I wanted something fast and easy but still pretty. I used the puffier batting that has such a nice dimension for the quilting. It takes up more room in the box when mailing quilts---so I save it for local donations.

I bundled up the scraps to sell at our guild tonight for a little yardsale. Lots of pretties left.

Thanks for the suggestions on the string quilt. Using tissue paper is really great as I can cut it to any size I would like. I had no trouble quilting it on my HQ16 with the fabric as a foundation though.

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Kathie said...

Very cute, I love blue and yellow, I also have a quilt with that combo. Oh no, I forgot tonight was yard sale night!!!