Thursday, November 10, 2011

One For The Veteran Ladies-one for a child

This second quilt is from a fabric exchange from my online friends. We sent out 10 inch squares of a light and dark fabric. This quilt will be given to the Veterans Home for the new ladies wing.

This is a cute little quick quilt from more of my large stash. The backing is the same as the border. This fabric was given to me from a generous guild member.

I am currently working on a Fractured Nine Patch in fall colors. I think I will use up that category of fabrics if I cut squares for the back. That will mean another empty section on the stash shelf.


Kathie said...

Eileen the way you are going you will have NO STASH left@@

Lori in South Dakota said...

Anita's Arrowheads! I am playing with some blocks right now--I love the pattern--you can make what looks to be a really hard block so easily. The pattern just plays well with all sorts of fabrics! Aren't you glad you found those swap fabrics???!!