Sunday, November 27, 2011

First Pillowcase

I really could not understand all the talk about making pillowcases. Then I saw a couple of fabulous ones at our sewing day at the library. Our guild gets together on Saturday once a month or so.

My friend Cathy gave me this darling fabric and I made a pillowcase with it this AM. I had the star fabric in my stash. I am HOOKED. This will go to a special little girl named Hailey in mid December. Plenty of time for her to sleep on it and dream of
Santa's visit.


Kathie said...

Very cute. I have only made a pillow case once and that was years ago, think I need to have someone show me how to do this after the holidays.

Keila Garstka said...

Cute, indeed! It's a very good job on your first try, and there's no doubt that it would make a very cute gift. Congrats, and here's to hoping that you do more.