Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neutral Fun

I decided to purchase the Alex Anderson book about making a neutral quilt. This is not my usual color pallette but I have seen a couple that are really beautiful.

The one I chose to make is called Suzanne. It is really quite an easy pattern that produces some very interesting diagonal eye candy. I have enough of this fabric to make at least one more.

I tried to get a picture of the quilting design I did on the white border and in many places on the quilt. This is an flower and leaf pattern that I developed and can do easily now. It just takes practice.

These blocks are not made the way they look when the quilt is finished. It is much easier than it looks.


Kathie said...

I normally don't like neutral quilts but this one is very pretty. You are right it kind of looks complicated. I will have to take a look close up one day.

Sharyn said...

Lovely. I made a two sided Dear Jane, with one side in neutrals. I like that side best ;)!

Thank you for sharing.