Sunday, July 25, 2010

Patriotic kaleidoscope

I saw a picture of a similar quilt on some online photo gallery. I immediately wanted to make this quilt. I already had a ruler from another project. I also figured out I could make these blocks using 5 inch squares. I had cut up a large number of these from left over fabric.

I loved making the individual sections and the blocks. BUT when I went to line up the block and rows--not so much. I had trimmed the blocks to 8 inches but some of the subsections did not quite line up. But I figured in such a busy quilt it would just not be noticed enough to worry about it.

Then I had the dilemma of how to quilt this. I did not want to lose the piecing so I did a wiggle stitch (meaning I cannot do a straight line so devised this instead) around lots of the sections and blocks. I backtracked all the time to avoid stop and starting which I hate.

I am not sure where this will end up. I really love my quilts going local so it may end up at our Veterans home for Hospice. Or sometimes just the right place turns up at the right time.

I doubt I will make another one but you never know. I used up all the 5 inch charms and even had to cut some more.

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Kathie said...

Very pretty, I was going to ask how you did it until I saw that you had problems getting things to line up, guess I will cross that one off my wanting to do list.