Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Learn while making charity quilts

I found a bunch of blue charms (5 inch squares) that were exactly the same. I do not even remember cutting them. I had seen pictures of a pattern called Split 4 patch and decided to make one of those using white scraps. This project will go to the guild member whose son is taking them to children in the war zone.

I had enough for 2 small quilts and decided to try quilting them on one continuous piece of backing. This involved piecing a back using 3 different fabrics. It is all about using up stash.

I floated the tops (meaning not pinning them to the leaders on the HQ). I used blue thread so the pretty stitching would show for the children to see the stars.

This worked really well and something I will try again when making small items. I have fallen in love with quilting podcasts and am listen to one called Within A Quarter Inch. I am wayyyyyyyyyyy behind but started from the first. I scarely notice the time passing when I am quilting and listen to this witty and smart young lady.


Andra Gayle said...

Very nice! I have a long arm arriving soon and am busy piecing lots of donation quilts to practice on.

Kathie said...

Eileen that is how I quilt table runners. I piece two sections of fabric together and can then quilt one runner after another and usually get 5 done on the backing fabric. I also use up smaller strips of batting that way that are just wide enough and long enough for one runner.