Friday, January 8, 2010

Piecing Hope Quilt

Welcome to Piecing Hope

The Piecing Hope Project makes quilts for children who have lost everything to AIDS. These quilts signify the value of each child to their community, to their country and to our world. We, the quilt makers, salute the value of each human life that God has chosen for this world. Piecing Hope is non-denominational, cross-cultural and multi-national.

I thought this was just a wonderful project and signed up to make one. I found some fabulous fabric that would be just perfect for the quilt. I tried feathers in one border and am getting better at those.

I was forced to come up with my own pattern to work in all these different pictures. I hope it brings a small measure of comfort to a little girl a long way from me.


Jan said...

Oh I love it Eileen. It is absolutely darling and it will bring an abundance of joy to that sweet little girl. God Bless you for all that you do :)

Kathie said...

Great job Eileen and so colorful.


Julia said...

Eileen I just love this quilt and a wonderful organization too! I'm glad I came to your blog so I could see the quilt up close. WOW