Saturday, January 30, 2010

Hospice Quilt-joint effort

Here is a picture of a beautiful quilt for our local Hospice. The vast majority of the piecing was done by a dear friend. She just did not fall in love with the fabric and grew weary of it.

I pieced the last 2 blocks and put it all together. Then onto my Handiquilter it went and VOILA--here is a beautiful quilt for some lovely lady.

Take a look in your house and see what blocks could go into a top. Get them out and moving into charity quilts. Exchange them with another quilter for a fresh new look. The result will be fabulous and you will feel much better to have them out of your house and helping someone else.


Kathie said...

Hey Eileen, do you want my orphan blocks?

kathie L.

Julia said...

Your quilts are so beautiful --- I hope one day to get better at making quilts and having the time to do it.

Jan said...

A great BIG applause for you and Shirley :) It's gorgeous and will bring a great amount of comfort :)