Friday, May 1, 2009

Love Those Fridays

I work only a part time job with just enough hours to enjoy the time at home. Friday gives me the wonderful anticipation of 2 days to do just what I love. And for me that will be allot of sewing and planting flowers that I will buy today.

Of course, cleaning will be on tap and probably bathing and grooming one dog. I also promised my daughter I will help her clean out her horse trailer. It is full of old hay and she has problems breathing in all that dust. But that also means visiting with her horse and just inhaling the wonderful aroma and ambiance of a horse farm. There is no better place on earth than open space and horses.

This picture is my daugher and her beloved Morgan from high school days.


Anonymous said...

And not to forget the trip to town for the movies today. ;)


Anonymous said...

Are you slacking off on your blogs? I had a productive trip but not the desired result. Will send details in an email.