Tuesday, May 12, 2009

First time visitor

I just love all the birds that come into the yard. I have a feeder out front and one in the back. Those darn old blackbirds try to eat up all the seed. They have a hard time perching on the feeders but some do manage.

Before I went to my quilt guild meeting, I looked out back and saw this wonderful bird. I went to my book to make sure I knew that is was. It is a Rose Crested Grosbeak. This is not is usual habitat but I sure hope it sticks around.

The other picture is our bluebird nest box. We usually get 3 family groups each year. Last year a snake stole most of the last batch of eggs. I hope it does not return this year.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures. Try a feeder meant to keep our the squirels away. It has a cage around it. Enjoy the day.

Jan said...

It's so amazing that you get those little blue bird nests every year!!! I am quite envious cuz here in FL we get those nasty 'ole black birds; and of course, those silly ducks (LOL).