Saturday, December 22, 2007

Local Quilts of Valor

We are making steady progress on finding a location for our local group. We have a couple of possibilities for a meeting place. Everyone is so busy this time of the year that we will just wait for a week of so to contact these people again. I would love to have our first meeting in January but it may wait until February.

I found a group on the internet that knits sock for soldiers. I love knitting almost as much as quilting and am good at socks. This will give me a sit down project for the evenings when my husband and I watch TV.

I have Monday and Tuesday off so that means 4 days. I will try to get a couple of my tops finished as they are not really big. I am going to take a little break on the QOV tops to finish some UFO's.

The picture on this post was sent to me by a co worker. I think it is quite amazing. We have lots of these Ospreys around here.

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