Sunday, December 9, 2007

Finished is better than perfect

Yesterday and today I decided to quilt my next Quilt Of Valor myself. I have done some about this size.....about the size of a twin. I had fusible batting and wanted to use that. UGH! I got it to stick to the top but not the backing. Then I flipped it over to iron on the backing. I have used this for smaller projects quite successfully.

I ended up with a couple of small tucks on the back. They were not bad enough to rip out and a non quilter would probably not even notice them. The whole quilt looks quite nice after I washed and dried it. I will stick with sending these to a long arm quilter from now on. They do a lovely job and I really love the piecing more than the quilting.

I will take a picture of it quilted another day.

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