Thursday, August 9, 2007


I finished the sunflower quilt totally and it resides on the back on one of my couches. I love it and am making another in a totally different colorway. When I do a second quilt of the same pattern, I do not have to pay such close attention to the directions. I am working on perfecting my piecing skills and this is great practice.

I kept admiring this and then suddenly noticed a mistake on one of the blocks. There is no way I would fix this as it is very heavily quilted. Such is life.

I planted a seed garden as this is all my part time earnings would allow. It was very slow to grow this year as I think we added too much peat moss. But like most things, it did come along and it is beautiful. Other gardens in my area look tired and wilted but mine is just getting to peak. I planted big marigolds and zinnias. I will be collecting seeds from my favorite colors and plant them next year.

I donated the rest of my cocker memoribilia to a rescue group. They have an auction that raises money for homeless dogs. I kept favorite and one from my daughter. Less is just fine.

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