Friday, August 10, 2007

Color My World Pink

I decided to make this Confetti In The Corner quilt in a totally different colorway. A quilt buddy...Hi Debbie...sent me a big box of fabric. In it were squares of a beautiful Rose. I chose this to be the center of the squares. I was able to pull the other fabric from my ever growing stash. I am happy to say there are still quite a few of the rose squares left for another project.

This went together quite quickly as I did not have to glance at the pattern much. I tried to look carefully and find mistakes before the whole thing is done. It is now waiting for the quilting. I think that will wait for cooler weather as my sewing room is the hottest room in the house.

I thought I would have to buy fabric for the border. I am trying not to buy anything unless it is totally necessary. I went through a stack of flower fabric and found the perfect piece. I got this at a big sale at Joannes. I would love to have bought more but this is all they had left. But it is just perfect. I have a quilt motiff stencil I bought in Paducha that will be good for the border.

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