Friday, July 20, 2007

Quilting is the Anti-funk

I have been in a little funk for a few days. There is absolutely no reason for this at all. I think some of it is the almost non existent work hours. I do not like working a whole bunch of hours but 15 or so gives a nice balance to my life. It makes me appreciate the hours that I do not work.

So I decided that it is time to start a new quilt. I have a BIG one waiting for machine quilting and it is just too hot to have that all over me. It can wait for cooler weather. I have also been making things for the Craft Fair in December and am a little tired of doing that.

I got a new Quilt Book from the library sale called Confetti In The Corners. It is the same block done in lots of different ways. I am working hard at improving my piecing skills and this looked like a good project for that. I have some very pretty sunflower fabric and decided to just pull colors from my stash to go with that.

I have done 4 blocks and really like this. They are all so incredibly different. I think I will make a 12 block sampler. This looks like a possibility for teaching an intermediate quilt class. I am getting my points to match up well and taking my TIME..something that is need to work on doing more. Slow and steady wins the race.

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Karen said...

very very nice blocks, Eileen! Love the sunflower material, and you've done a fine job of pulling from that. I know exactly what you mean that quilting can clear away the funk! Hope it set you to smiling again.