Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Dreams revisited

We got into horses when my daughter was about 14. She continued riding and showing for several years on our beloved Morgan Joe. Circumstances changed and it became necessary to move on and sell Joe. Years of working, school and life took over and the horses receded into the memory bank. They are posing for a beautiful picture.

Years go by and the opportunity to own her own horse again becomes a reality. He is a beautiful boy to ride and a puppy dog personality on the ground.

Sometimes we have to set our dreams aside for awhile. Some never come back but we can have new ones come along.

We live in a wonderful country thanks to the sacrifices people have been willing to make along the way. It is not a perfect country but there is no place else on earth I would rather life today.


Mary Lynn said...

EILEEN, what a wonderful photo; reminds me of our "Sadie" that I rode growing up--only when Daddy was around though; she could be a really wild one. He typically let me ride only in a freshly plowed field so she would have to work to hard to be ornery!

Karen said...

beautiful photos, and wonderful memories! I miss the show days with my DD. But her dream hasn't changed, and she'll own again soon as well. Right now she is getting ready to pursue a different end to the dream- working in KY at a well known Equine Hospital in Lexington. It is a great country that can allow one to live their dreams, isn't it?