Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Bliss

Today I have a long summer vacation stretched out ahead of me. When I was a student I never even considered that teachers would like having the summer off. I guess I thought they loved being in the classroom.

My last official tour ended yesterday with a group of children attending a camp. They were in no mood to learn history so I had to try to make it just a fun tour for them. They were a bit rowdy but then kids should not be little soldiers either.

I have a picture another guide sent me of a view coming into the dock of the Maryland Dove.

So I must work on controlling my spending so that I can continue with a wonderful part time job. My biggest area of weakness is fabric. I guess it could be much worse.

Today I will work on the big Irish Chain Quilt. I discovered a mistake made twice in 31 blocks so I have a whole bunch of ripping and resewing. I considered just leaving it but decided not to. I am trying to work on slowing down and enjoying the process. Mistakes are part of that. I hope to sit outside in the shade and get that done today.

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Mary Lynn said...

Welcome to the world of blogging; fun isn't it? I love your photos!