Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bird Families

Our lovely New England like weather seems to be a thing of the past. Yesterday was almost HOT and today already has that humid sticky feeling. 2 of the blue birds left the nest yesterday. I did not see them anywhere but could peek inside and see that 2 were left. When I checked early today the nest was empty.

A Mother Plover (I think that is the type of bird) and Father were screaming Sunday and flying all over the yard. I had to take a look outside and see what the fuss was all about. There were 3 tiny chicks in the driveway scurrying all over. My husband caught one to relocate it away from the street. He had a hard time holding onto it without squeezing too hard.

I am still working on my Irish Chain quilt Seminole borders. This techinique is not hard but time consuming. I took some time yesterday to go through things in the sewing room closet. I gathered all my small pieces of batting into one plastic type tote box. I will work on that again today.

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