Monday, January 17, 2011

Lots Of Donations In This Quilt

I think that the more hands that go into charity quilts, the more love is shared. This quilt is a perfect example of this.

The blocks come from the fabric selling site Thousands Of Bolts. They used to sell those high end basket liners. They sent me a BIG box full of these. I was really a stumped how to use them. The first job was to square them up to uniform and usable sizes for quilts. That alone was a big job. Next was to figure out how to get them into tops. I tried a couple of different ways and got many tops sewed.

This is the first one totally finished. The backing is from a member of my guild-Pax River Quilters. The blocks from Thousands of Bolts. The border I think I bought but that may have been a donation also. The binding is from a friend named Dee who sent me a large amount of patriotic fabric. This was a little stiff for a quilt but fabulous for binding. My friend Shelia brought her Accuquilt and the die for 2 1/2. We cut a huge amount at our library sewing day.

And last but not least, my dear friend Polly sent me a lovely fabric that I put on the top and bottom to get it a little longer. I still have more of that and it will be used for this on many more tops.

This quilt will ultimately end up Andrews for our wounded military returned home.


Kathie said...

turned out very nice. I like that you added a little top and bottom to make it longer.

Jan said...

Hi sweetie. I just spent some time catching up with you and your amazing quilting. I am just blown away with all that you get accomplished and so beautifully so!!!! I looked and looked and looked and could not find one booo booo in that gorgeous little house quilt. It looks absolutely perfect to me. Thank you again for the beautiful quilts you sent my way ... We appreciate it more than you will ever know. Much love to you :)