Monday, May 10, 2010

Turnover Twist

I joined a pattern of the month---no fabric----from Quilt IN A Day. There is a video each month of the website teaching the pattern of the month. Most are made using those lovely pre cuts from Moda.

I LOVE this pattern called Turnover Twist. It is made using the prepackaged turnovers. The stars are all made the same way----then another background triangle added------trimming---and you have a different star.

I cut lots of smaller cuts of fabric in red white and blue and made my own triangles. My next Quilt of Valor will be using this pattern. It takes 1 3/4 yard background but I have plenty of that.

When this is quilted it will go on a shelf in my house waiting for the right recipient. They always come along and I love having a quilt all ready.


Kathie said...

Wow very pretty, I will have to take a look at that pattern. I got some turnovers for Christmas and have not used them yet.

Jan said...

Oh how pretty Eileen and how very smart to have a "quilt ready!" The right recipient will definitely come along one day :)