Monday, March 8, 2010

Orion's Star Quilt

I love the quilt patterns by Eleanor Burns. They always contain a huge amount of pictures and directions that are easy to follow.

I could not figure out why my blocks were bigger than hers. I then realized I had added an extra row. But I knew if would be just fine. This was fun to make and I see more in my future.


Karen said...

I just bought that book. Will be making that pattern for my niece for her wedding-black, white and red! Was able to buy the fabric this weekend 30% off! LQS had their birthday sale! I want to make a crib size before I head into a king! Yours came out really cute. Any advice?

Kathie said...

Very cute, love it.

kathie L.

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Beautiful quilts, my mother also fabrics quilts, sheets, pillows, all that you need for a house. I think that I`m going to have an orion quilt as well.- Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

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