Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lancaster Quilt Show

I just returned from the fabulous quilt show in Lancaster PA. I visited the downtown area and surrounding countryside. I am VERY careful not to take any pictures of the Amish people front the front. I did get this wonderful one of a young man about to turn into his field.

I met up with several of my friends from across different states. It was THE perfect trip. We saw wonderful quilts---ate too much delicious food-----spent too much money---stayed up too late and laughed and reveled in our togetherness. AND---not one speck of NEWS.

Believe it or not---the world will still turn if you do not watch any TV or listen to radio news. You will not hear the shrill voices of discontent.


Kathie said...

glad you had such a great time and thanks for posting all the pretty quilt pictures.

kathie L.

Mary St. John Nielsen said...

Hey there! Great photos ... thanks for sharing.