Monday, February 22, 2010

First Signs of Spring

We have had a very cold and snowy winter here. This is very reminiscence of the many years I lived in Massachusetts.

The very first sign of Spring is the light. It stays lighter in the evening and gets brighter in the morning sooner. This can be in the middle of a blizzard but will always hold true.

I took my camera around the yard looking for other messages that winter is releasing her grip. Even weeds are welcome right now.

The buds are beginning to swell on the 2 Maple trees in our yard. Time moves slowly whether we notice it or not. Sometimes it flies by and we can scarcely believe how fast it went.

Every single day we are given the gift of time. Or will until we are called Home from this Temporary Home---as Carrie Underwood sings about.

What will you do with this precious gift you are given today???? Whose pain will you ease and whose burden will you make just a little bit lighter? Do something you will be proud of when you lay your head down in your bed. STOP complaining and start doing instead.

What makes your heart sing and your passion ignite??? Look for that from visiting a Veteran at a hospital, ladle out soup to the poor (and do not judge them as you do this), volunteer at your local elementary school, church or library.

Life is for the living. Start living it today. Turn down the hate on the internet or TV. Seek out positive people and watch how they will impact your life.


Jan said...

Beautifully said Eileen! And "once again" I might add!!! Love the CP below too :)

A.J. DeYoung said...

Eileen, I blog with your husband on Janice Dean's blog. I love your site and your music. My dear friend in Australia quilts and sends them to the Outback children, she loved quiliting like you do, I have some quilts from my grandma made in the 40's they are special. A.J.