Monday, September 7, 2009

Quilts With Hugs

I just sent out a bunch of quilts for the families of a Hero who gave his life for us. There are numerous children involved in these families. I wanted to make sure each one got their own quilt.
So here are the pictures of the ones they are getting.

This quilt is for his wife who is excepting a baby soon.

This quilt is for his 6 year old son from his first marriage.

This quilt is for his 9 year son from his first marriage.

This quilt is for his 2 year old son.

This is for his unborn baby that is wife is carrying.

I was a young person during the Vietnam War and remember how the military was treated during that time. A very shameful period in our history. We have learned from our mistakes and are doing a much better time now. This is just my little way to help these families. I hope they wrap these quilts around themselves and feel the love.


Kathie said...

Very nice quilts Eileen.


Jan said...

What beautiful and generous gifts to the family Eileen!!! You my dear done good :)

Anonymous said...

You have done a marvelous thing and your work is greatly appreciated I am sure! Kudo's to YOU!

If I may inquire, Where did you find the material for the Thomas Train quilt.. I have a two year old that is so into Thomas Trains and Family! I would love to do one as such for him.. If you don't mind letting me know.. Thanks a million..

Sharon... roseOfsharon