Monday, March 16, 2009

March Weather is Like a Rollercoaster

The weather here in S. Maryland can change very quickly in just a couple of days. We had a big snow storm on a Monday and then on Friday is was 70. Now it is cold again and rainy.

This is really like our economy. Up and down and all over. I like what Dave Ramsey says about the stock market. "The only time you get hurt is when you jump off. Just hang on tight to the end."

Fear Not about anything you see and hear. This was told to us long ago and is still the Truth today.

The Simple Joys
They miss so much who do not know
The simple joys of long ago.The quiet hour, the easy pace,
A path to walk, a day to face.
A small white flower, a bird that sings,
The Happiness in the little things.
The patience for a task, well done,
The gift of rest at set of sun.
The thankful heart, the lift of care,
A friend nearby, a time of prayer.
How much they miss who do not know
The simple joys found long ago.~Amy Perrin~

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