Sunday, January 8, 2012

Final Tally For 2011

This is a picture of the last donation quilt I have made for the year 2011. I just used up a bunch of kid type charms and added yellow in between each of them.

I try very hard to take a picture of every quilt that I make. I added up the total number of quilts for last year. I made about 5-6 for myself or gifts. I am going to keep a journal this year every time I make a quilt and who it is for. Pictures are nice but I want a number easier than trying to count the pictures.

BUT--for 2011 I made 80 quilts for donation. I counted only those I did start to finish. MANY are quick kid ones using a panel. The went to the military, children at Fort Bragg, Hospice, our local children's ward at the hospital, a church cancer program, a church bazaar and the new woman's wing for our local Veterans Ward.

I am not trying to exceed that number this year as I love quilting and do not want to make it a race for a number. I will probably donate less as I am making some for a local auction. I need to raise money for all this postage and figure selling quilts is a good way.

I am fortunate enough to work just part time, have a wonderful Handiquilter machine (bought used on Craig's list) which makes quilting fun and fast. I have a large stash bought carefully from quilt shops offering deep discounts. I also have been given lots of fabric from guild members and online friends.

We are renters in our little house so renovations and yard projects are not possible. That may not be such a bad thing as it takes lots of money and time to accomplish those. Our kids are grown and no time is spent raising children. This all equals lots of sewing time for me. My family has plenty of quilts so I support my passion by giving them away.

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Kathie said...

Thats a huge number Eileen, wonderful.