Saturday, December 31, 2011

MAQ Class Quilt DONE

I go to a wonderful quilting retreat lesson type place every summer--- Mid Appalachian Quilters in N. Maryland. This quilt was one of the classes. I used a jellyroll and then my stash. It is bright and happy. I think it will go in the Summerseat Quilt Auction this Fall. I need to raise some money for all the postage I spend on my charity quilts.

I will be doing through all my quilts and deciding which one I can part with for the auction. I just cannot see them languishing in a closet. Most of my fun is in choosing fabric and a pattern. I have a large stash and love using it. I find fabulous deals on quilt shop fabric online and slowly built up lots of lovely fabric.

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Kathie said...

This definitely is a cheerful quilt, love it!!