Thursday, August 4, 2011

Veterans Quilt

Our local Veterans Home is opening a new ward for women. They would like 18 twin sized quilts for each bed. I found a pack of charms and some fabric that would work well with them. I sewed a center and then just kept adding borders. This is a great way to move out some stash and force me to do a little designing instead of depending on a pattern all the time.

The center section should look lovely on top of the bed and the borders for the sides and bottoms. I used the Hobbs Polydown batting. It gives some dimension to the quilting and makes it a little puffier.

I would really like to see my stash turn over about every 3 years to keep it fresh and new. This moved some out for sure.


debbie said...

It's lovely!

Julia said...

This is so beautiful!

Kathie said...

Very nice.