Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Trip To Washington

I spent the week end in Washington DC to attend a 9/11 Memorial service and a rally. My friend from North Carolina---Hi Debbie------came up with a group on a bus. I will write about lots of different things about this week end in the coming days.

On Saturday afternoon we decided to visit the World War 11 Memorial. As we approached we noticed a large crowd of military people and older men and women. We figured out that this was a group from the Honor Flights. This is an organization that provides free trips to Washington for Veterans of World War 11 to see the memorial to them---long over due.

They send a person to accompany them on the trip as their caregiver and support. What I did NOT know is that a local military person volunteers to greet their flight and is their guide for the whole trip.

I will share some of the photos of this moving experience. There is much wrong in the world and the media is MORE than happy to tell us about that. Here is one of a million things RIGHT about our beloved country.

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Kathie said...

Isn't it just the most beautiful memorial. I was there the weekend it was dedicated and I won't forget it. Figured it was something to do for my dad that didn't live long enough to see HIS memorial built.