Friday, April 30, 2010

Mystery Quilt Choices

I have been having a grand time making a mystery quilt for the MAQ Quilt Camp this July.

I have 4 different choices in the design of the top. UGH. I cannot decide which one to do. So I will just give it a couple of days and see what you all think.

This will be given to a military person after camp.

It is laying on top of the Irish Chain I did about 4 years ago. It was quilted by a very talented long arm quilter long before I had my HQ. I LOVE it.


Kathie said...

I like them all but the 1st one is my favorite.

kathie L.

Queen of the Unfinished Project said...

I also like them all. If it were my quilt, I would go with either the first or the third picture. I'm having real trouble getting it narrowed down any further, though... Very nice.

Julia said...

Love them all but like the 3rd one

Dee said...


I like the 1st one, but any of the three would be great.

Jan said...

I love them all Eileen, but I'm a bit partial to number 1 :) With everyone's favorites, I imagine you're really confused now (LOL). Whichever way you choose, it'll be gorgeous :)