Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Comfort for Fort Hood

Quilts of Valor will be sending quilts for a very special ceremony to honor the medical personnel at Forth Hood. These are the brave and wonderful people who had to step up and take care of the dead and wounded from this horrible tragedy.

I have 3 quilts to send off for this endeavor. I try to keep a small stash of ready made ones for just an opportunity like this. They were all quilted using my wonderful Handiquilter.

The ceremony will take place January 7. I wonder if our news people will be able to stop talking about Tiger Woods or the White House party crashers long enough to cover this story????


Jan said...

It's unfortunate, but our Media seems to prefer "doom and gloom" rather than "feel good" stories! I soooooo hope they make an exception w/this event :) You my dear done good once again!

Janet K said...

You should let your quilt camp teachers know that it is their quilts that will be part of this honor. I know Sue would be pleased to know.

Kathie said...

very nice Eileen.

kathie L.