Sunday, September 2, 2007

Friendship Star

Over a year ago Annie, who is on our Weight Watcher thread, suggested an exchange of the quilt block called Friendship Star. She sent all of us a piece of fabric so some part of this would be the same. Stars flew all over the country. It made picking up mail a treat for sure.

Instead of agonizing over what to do with them, I decided to sew them together just as they were for an empty space on the wall in our home office. I am not even sure if I got all of them sent to me, but it is fine. I had 20 which was a perfect number. I had bought some fabric for the borders in Paudcah when a group of us went there. I knew it was just what I wanted. It is a wonderful reminder of a group of us from all our this country.

Many times simple is best.

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